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    op™ - flex-desk

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    op™ - flex-desk

    Desktop Dimensions:

    15.7" W x 31.9"

    Keyboard Tray Dimensions:

    11.8" x 25.6"

    Height Adjustment Range:

    4.7'' - 19.3''

    Weight Capacity:


    4.4 lbs (Keyboard Tray)

    How Do I Know if a Mobile Workstation is Right for Me?

    Standing workstations are not right for everyone, but can be great for many people. They give you the option to stand part of the time while you work giving you the ability to change position, add more movement and change the stress on certain points of your body.

    Standing desks are adjustable and are not meant to be in astanding position all the time, but are meant to be used to alternate between sitting and standing while you work.

    Why are they Not for Everyone?

    If you have joint, circulation, balance or dizziness issues, along with certain other medical conditions, check with your doctor before making the investment.

    How do I adjust the Workstation correctly?

    Many factors play a role

    First, please make sure that your health allows you to use it. Then there are a few things you should consider - first and foremost the table height and the monitor height.

    Tips for safe and successful use of a Mobile Workstation

    - Wear supportive shoes

    - Do not push yourself to stand

    - Do not lean to one side only

    - Do not block your knees

    - Pay attention to the amount of time you stand

    Are you looking for a way to do more in a shorter period of time without spending a fortune on a new worktable?  

    Imagine if you could increase your productivity many times over WITHOUT having to completely rearrange your workspace. How does it sound to you? 


    Let me introduce you to the offycepro™ flex-desk...
    ...and why over 2736 people are increasing their productivity everyday with it


    The op™ - flex-desk is an optimal addition to your existing workspace.
    • It is height adjustable and easy to use.
    • This makes it perfect for an active and successful workday.
    • Get 3 times more done in half the time    
    • Boost your productivity by 250%


    Your success will prove you right


     For whom is it suitable?

    ⤷ For anyone who wants to improve their workflow
    ⤷ For anyone who takes care of themselves and their health
    ⤷ For anyone who wants to achieve more in less time
    ⤷ For the student, trainee and ambitious business person who wants to reach the next level
    ⤷ For anyone who cares about efficiency and success


    Why do I need that?  

    In search of a cheap but effective solution, we came upon this add-on. 

    It simplifies your everyday work  and makes you more flexible.

    ⇨ Let me show you the advantages


    Flexible and easy to adjust

    • You can set up your table just the way you want it
    • Intuitive, flexible and completely wireless
    • A normal table is a thing of the past and a crooked posture is history
    • Self-explanatory - no manual needed


    • Generous work surface for all types of set-up options
    • In contrast to a conventional table, you do not have to change your workflow 



    Supports health
    • The benefits of working while standing are numerous
    • These range from improved posture to boosting blood circulation to increasing mobility so you don't have to see a therapist after a long day at work and can spend time with loved ones



    You have a long phone call? Get up!
    Your feet fell asleep? Stand up!
    You get tired and are no longer productive? On your feet!


    With the offycepro™ Mobile Workstation, a painful posture is a thing of the past.
    Another cable on your desk? Not with the offycepro™ Mobile Workstation.
    You no longer have to abort a zoom call because of sore legs.



    All in a snap, without having to choose between a new pair of shoes or an expensive table - you can now have both!


    But as great as it all sounds, we've already raised the price 2 times and can't keep it at this level forever.

    Grab it now! 


    You've suffered from your cramped conditions and limited productivity for too long. Now you deserve to finally have the freedom to reach for your success. With a workplace that moves you forward.


    Oh, and before I forget: You're fully covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee. Either the offycepro™ flex-desk increases your productivity and well-being, or you get your money back - no questions asked. 


    That's why get yours now! Click the "add to cart" button to get your op™ - flex-desk today for only $179!


    -- as sorry as I am, unfortunately only available in the U.S. --

    $114.99 $229.98

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