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    ap™ Knee Powerbooster

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    ap™ Knee Powerbooster

    Type: support knee pad

    Quantity: 1pc

    Material: metal + cloth

    Color: black

    Size: 30 * 10 * 9cm / 11.79 * 3.93 * 3.54 inch (L*W*H)

    Net weight: 225g / 7.94oz

    450g / 15.87oz 

    Will these fit my knees?



    The length of the brace and both upper / lower straps are fully adjustable

    Do they hurt?

    Our braces can be worn comfortably under or over pants without giving you a rash or burning sensation behind your knees

    Package Includes

    Depending on your order

    1 Pc or 2 Pcs ap™ Knee Powerbooster

    Imagine how you could improve your limited range of motion in your knee joints in less than 30 days?


    The ap™ Knee Powerbooster are your solution to a more supple and agile lifestyle, away from the pain of earlier days

    Why do I need this?

    The Knee Powerbooster is a kind of shock absorber for the legs and in particular for the knee - it allows you to jump, back up and do the activities you love

    ⤷ Jump up, lift heavier than ever before, walk easier and even stand longer

    The brace provides optimal support and stability for people with complaints in the knee region. These often include sprains and strains, inflammation, pain and tendinitis.

    The brace protects the sensitive joint while boosting your performance !

    ⇾ It is not only a recovery tool, but just as much a tool in everyday work and at home


    Feel the power

    The Knee Powerbooster relieves knee pressure by up to 20kg per side

    This is a total of up to 40kg (88lbs) that is supported

    A feeling like walking on clouds 

    ⇾ You have never worked so lightly in the garden, at home or at work



    For the Young and Restless  

    ⤷ Do you have to lift heavy, climb a lot of stairs?

    ⤷ Do you like to be active outdoors and indoors a lot?

    ⤷ Do you have to stand for long periods of time or are you actually just sitting? 

    The Knee Powerbooster is suitable for all those who want to support their body.
    It doesn't matter if there is already pain, how old you are, what gender you are or what body type you are.

    Wear the Knee Powerbooster when and where you want - no matter what you plan to do and when - gardening, hiking, geocaching, walking - you will be surprised


    Pioneering design

    The Knee Powerbooster is based on a spring-loaded system and therefore offers significantly improved lifting power

    As the first knee brace of its kind in the world, it adapts to virtually any knee with a flexible strap, making it comfortable to wear above or below your pants

    You no longer have to worry about the brace slipping, itching or becoming uncomfortable

    the Knee Powerbooster is designed with breathable, moisture-wicking and non-slip technology. 



    Correct attachment of the ap™ Knee Powerbooster



    Correct care of the ap™ Knee Powerbooster and correct disassembly 


    With the ap™ Knee Powerbooster, aching knees are a thing of the past

    ⇨ You want to create a beautiful flower area?
    No problem with the ap™ Knee Powerbooster


    ⇨ You finally want to walk up to your favorite viewpoint again?
    No problem with the ap™ Knee Powerbooster


    ⇨ You want to run up the two flights of stairs to your loved ones?
    No problem with the ap™ Knee Powerbooster


    ⇨ Want to save time and be more productive carrying multiple packages together?
    No problem with the ap™ Knee Powerbooster


    Because we know how helpful this product is we ordered 260 pieces. But they run out quickly and when we reorder, the price will probably be a little higher

    Grab it now!

    Oh, and before I forget, you're fully covered with our ironclad 60-day money-back guarantee. Either the ap™ Knee Powerboosters make your daily life easier or you get your money back - no questions asked


    That's why get yours now! Click the "add to cart" button to get your ap™ Knee Powerbooster today for only $65!


    $32.50 $65.00

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