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    ap™ muscle massager

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    ap™ muscle massager

    Product name: RK-C53 Fascia Gun
    Rated speed: 1800-3500r/min
    Motor: 3510 without motor
    Number of massage heads: 4
    Battery 2900mAh3C power lithium battery
    Locked-rotor torque: 14.5KGF
    Endurance: 16.5H
    Outer wall material: aluminum alloy and high composite plastic resin material
    Gear position: 4 gears
    Rated power 24W
    Massage stroke: 7.55mm
    Strike depth: 6-8.5cm
    Rated voltage: 12V
    Rated current: 2A (A)
    Machine frequency: 50-60Hz
    Interface type: Type-c
    Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium battery
    Product size: 140x90x45mm
    Package content Massage gun, manual, U-shaped head, spherical head, cylindrical head, flat head, Type-c number

    Where can the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager be used all over?

    Thanks to the different attachments, the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager can actually be used almost anywhere on the body. Your own sensation is the limit

    What is the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager good for or what can it help me with?

    The actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager is your personal physiotherapist - ok, of course the human factor is missing, but the result comes close.

    Releases tension and relieves pain

    Promotes blood circulation

    Promotes muscle growth

    Shortens muscle soreness and promotes recovery

    Super quiet use

    Perfect for on the road and of course at home

    Different intensities for different applications

    Is it normal that the attachments are so difficult to change?

    Yes, the attachments must be so tight to prevent unintentional "shooting out" during use.

    What is important to bear in mind when using the product?

    The actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager is to be used by adultsonly.

    Use the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager only on dry and cleanskin.

    Use the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager only on soft areas ofthe body.

    Do not use the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager on bonystructures such as the head, spine or arch of the foot.

    Pain or discomfort must not occur during use under anycircumstances.

    Use only the supplied massage attachments.

    Do not insert fingers, hair or any other body parts into theopening for the attachments.

    Depending on the set function and intensity, the use of theactyvepro™ - Muscle Massager may cause a bruise if the device is used too longon one point - therefore, the device should always be in motion during thetreatment.

    In case of pain or signs of discomfort, stop the applicationimmediately.

    Do not attempt to disassemble the actyvepro™ - MuscleMassager.

    Do not immerse the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager in water orthrow it on the floor.

    Children under 12 years of age may use the actyvepro™ -Muscle Massager massage gun only under the supervision of of adults - adetailed explanation of the device is required here.

    What do I have to pay attention to?

    Keep the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager away from liquids and heat.Keep the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager dry - use in humid regions can permanently damage the device.

    Unplug the charging cable after charging. It is recommended to charge the device under supervision so that it does not hang on an external power source for too long - battery maintenance.

    Use the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager as indicated in the user manual.

    It is recommended to use only the original charging cable for charging.

    Check the actyvepro™ - Muscle Massager and accessories before each use - it is important that the respective attachment is optimally attached.


    Finally, A Muscle Massager That Actually Works

    We proudly present: ap™ muscle massager


    The revolutionary new ap™ muscle massager that makes it easy and fast to be more productive and perform better in job, sports or at home


    Let me show you how it works and why the ap™ muscle massager is so amazing

    First step
    Take the ap™ muscle massager out of the package and fully charge it once 

    Second step
    Choose your attachment

    Four different adapters 

    • Bullet adapter  suitable for joint, deep tissue and trigger points 
    • Fork adapter ↦ suitable for the spine 
    • Ball adapter ↦ suitable for large muscel groups
    • Flat adapter ↦ suitable for all parts of the body especially big muscel groups 


    Third Step

    Remove power from the ap™ muscle massager and insert the selected attachment into the front of the unit
    For this you need to press a little, it is a little harder deliberately

    Fourth step 
    You press the power button at the bottom of the device - hold it down a little longer and start with level 1 


    Why do I need this 

    Muscle stiffness occurs in almost all people - no matter how old, what profession, what hobby

    ↣ This occurs after a stressful day at work as well as after a hard and satisfying workout session

    Relieves tension and shortens recovery time
    Reduces stress and prevents muscle soreness
    Relieves muscle soreness and promotes blood circulation
    Warms up the muscles before training and promotes regeneration afterwards 
    Improves mobility 


    Who is this suitable for? 

    The actyvepro™ - muscle massager is one of the devices that provide rapid muscle relaxation and is particularly suitable for the following user groups

    Athletes, such as strength or martial artists, cyclists, joggers - basically anyone who does sports

    ⤷ People who have an office job or do physically strenuous work and therefore often suffer from back and neck problems

    ⤷ Elderly people who have problems with the mobility of their arms or legs




    All in a snap, without having to choose between a new pair of shoes or an expensive physical treatment - you can now have both!!


    But as great as it all sounds, we've already raised the price 2 times and can't keep it at this level forever

    Grab it now! 

    For too long you have restricted yourself in sports and at work, now you can treat yourself in a few minutes and prevent greater restriction. With the ap™ muscle massager you simply get moving fast
    Oh, and before I forget: You're fully covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee. Either the ap™ muscle massager either the ap™ Muscle Massager relieves your pain, or you get your money back - no questions asked

    That's why get yours now! Click the "add to cart" button to get your ap™ muscle massager today for only $69.99!


    $54.99 $109.98

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