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    ap™ chiropractic cushion

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    ap™ chiropractic cushion

    Model: ap™ Chiropractic Cushion

    Material: Polyurethane 100%; High density memory foam

    Size: 24 cm x 21 cm x 13 cm

    Type: massage and relaxation

    Color: blue

    Applicable people: adults

    Does it hurt?

    It depends on your starting point. If you've been stiff and tense for a long time, it may hurt at first.

    The spines are arranged so that it deliberately targets the known areas on the neck for maximum effect.

    Use the ap™ Chiropractic Cushion regularly to relieve that tension and stress in your neck.

    Can I take a nap on this ap™ Chiropractic Cushion?

    Yes, but we don't recommend it.

    Pressure should not be applied to one spot for more than 10 minutes.

    We recommend getting the muscle used to the cushion slowly and steadily for maximum effect.

    I have a herniated disc in my cervical spine. Can I use it?

    This pillow is designed to relax / relieve neck muscles and not to treat serious medical problems with it.

    If this is a known issue, please talk to your treating physician about how you can be supportive here.

    Your tension didn't go away overnight. It is an art to practice patience and give your body the time it needs to adjust. Trust your self-healing powers!

    Can I use it while sitting?

    Yes, you can use this while sitting.

    It works as a neck/back support

    Use it in your breaks and enjoy how it releases the tension in your neck

    Can I replace pillows with Chiropractic Cushion?

    Not really.... - because the pressure and the impact on the muscles is too intense.

    This can then turn out to be negative and cause you pain again



    • Do you sit at a desk all day?
    • Do you have to use your smartphone / tablet / PC often?

    👉 then you are extremely likely to experience constant stiffness and tension in your neck.

    These non-natural positions slowly cause our posture to worsen, putting unnecessary strain on our bodies

    For this, we have discovered this amazing product to help reverse this trend:

    May I introduce you to the ap™ chiropractic cushion




    With the ap™ chiropractic cushion you have the ultimate neck and shoulder relaxation at hand - anytime and anywhere
    It helps you consciously relax and take the pressure off your neck - you'll feel refreshed, sleep better and be more productive the next day

    Through the specially arranged spines, the pillow uses your own body weight and the natural curvature of the spine to stimulate and thereby also release the tension that has developed

    It reduces stiffness & tension effectively!

    It works

    • For neck pain
    • Muscular imbalance
    • Headaches
    • Poor posture

    The best part is that you can really use the ap™ chiropractic cushion anywhere - office, hotel, vacation - anywhere you can just lay down and relax. 

    You no longer have to ask someone to give you a quick massage - now you can do it yourself!!!

    What's behind it? How does the ap™ chiropractic cushion work?

    The secret is actually none at all:

    It is a combination of

    • Accupressure
    • occipital muscle stimulation
    • cervical relaxation

    the trigger points activated by one's own body weight are activated, blood flow to the brain is increased, mobility is improved and pain is relieved

    Studies show that an optimized posture has a direct influence on all conscious and subconscious processes in the body

    Imagine all the things that will change in you if you work on your posture just a little bit.

    Your concentration improves
    Your productivity increases
    your immune system gets better




    Neck pain can appear anywhere and anytime - whether you are at the office or sightseeing
    That's why we discovered this product for you!

    It works completely without electricity, it's lightweight, durable, and you can use it anywhere you have a stable base

    You'll be enjoying all the benefits of the ap™ chiropractic cushion in no time

    How to use


    It couldn't be easier - just rest on the pillow

    Ok, it's a little more then, but still not rocket science

    Step 1

    • Lie down flat on the pillow

    Step 2

    • Turn your head slowly and evenly to the right and left

    Tip: If you find a spot that has been bothering you for years, lie on it for 4-5 breaths and feel the thirst slowly go away

    Repeat this movement - side to side - up to 8 times depending on your current current physical condition

    Step 3

    • Move your chin up and down - as if you were nodding.
    • Take 4-5 breaths depending on your current physical condition.

    This will help you to relax your tension in the short muscles at the back of the head




    You will notice the difference and make the difference

    You've suffered too long from your stiff neck and the limited mobility that comes with it. Now you deserve to finally be free here and let your creativity and productivity run wild

    Oh, and before I forget: You're fully covered with our 60-day money-back guarantee. Either the ap™ Chiropractic Cushion relax you and boost your well-being, or you get your money back - no questions asked

    So get yours now! Click the "Add to Cart" button to get your ap™ chiropractic cushion today for only $34,77!

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